The universe is the universe seen and thought the universe inquired and experimented upon

The universe is the universe seen and thought,
the universe inquired and experimented upon,
the universe known and advertised,
the universe theorized and believed. There is no aspect of this universe that is not shaped in and through human acts of consciousness.
There is nothing that is known without the absolute and inevitable mediacy of consciousness, for to know is to experience knowledge.
The universe we know is a universe we are in it thinking it as the universe. In other words, this universe that we think contains us is something already contained in our consciousness as an object of its knowledge. It is always in and through consciousness that we are aware of this universe as a universe containing our awareness of it.
The brute fact we come to is that there is no universe just existing there in itself: There exists only our consciousness of a universe. We can never pass beyond this consciousness without using consciousness itself.

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