The heaped Jewels

Given the unique quality of timelessness beyond the three times,

Its constant flow is without interruption or boundary

And so has no beginning, middle, or end.

With linear time resolved in timelessness,

There is only the label “supreme evenness”

For what comes about cannot be ascertained.

Having no association with discursive though as such,

The complete and ultimate meaning of natural great perfection penetrates to the core of the ordinary mind.

The thoughts that this is no manifest or nonexistent as an object is not cut through deliberately

Rather, it is cut through in its own ground.

The root of the non-recognition of awareness, without having to be examined,

Is timelessly determined never to entail confusion.

But none of this is perceptible to anyone in any way

Moreover, with all the coarse elements naturally cleared away from the very beginning,

The ineffability of the realm of ordinary beings is naturally ensured.

In the timeless ineffability of one’s body lies the knowledge that it has never existed and never will.

All of this is timeless and does not manifest with in any construct of time

Pervasive suffering and the quality of happiness abide naturally in their impressibility,

But no one knows this, for the ordinary mind is so dull.

The habitual pattern of samasara are composite,
yet they abide timelessly as dhramakaya,

Which is the seat of compassion, unperceived by anyone.

With the arising of sense faculties, concepts of identity, and sense objects,

The various recollections, thoughts, and mental stirring arise timelessly and naturally as sambhogakaya,

Yet all this is not recalled, for everyone is so forgetful.

Contrived actions, conduct, effort, and achievement,

As well as all the cacophony of being coming together these are nimanakaya, timelessly,

But no one is conscious of this, for everyone is utterly dull.

However thoughts and recollection stir,

They are uninterrupted, like the flow of river, constantly ensnaring the mind.

One cannot implement meditation that is effortless, resting naturally, for the mind is so distracted.

As for the tangible universe,

Upon examination it is ineffable by nature.

What is ever present as the view that cuts through the momentum of the wheel of life is not perceived.

Are the avenues of the sense blocked?

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