The All-Creating Monarch – Because nothing need to be done concerning phenomena

Because nothing need to be done concerning phenomena,
All thoughts concerning the unerring nature amount to nothing.
The tight and intricate knot of vows that restrict body and speech makes it extremely difficult to encounter the ultimate meaning off the nature phenomena.

Listen, O great and courageous one!
Be certain to uphold this transmission, which is from me, the all-creating one.
It is unlike the mahayana approach based on either causes or results.
All phenomena, regardless of how they manifest, and natural mind timelessly of the same nature,
so do not think of this terms of traditions based on either causes or results.

When one examines the suchness of natural mind,
what manifests is the essence,one’s own enlightenment.
Failing to realize this, individuals ascribe names to things,
labeling the “relative” and the intangible “ultimate”.
Ultimate and relative are non-dual a single truth, but i would err in supposing this to be real.

The desire for happiness is the sickness of attachment; the absence of desire perpetuate happiness.
Buddhahood does not happen by being made to happen; it is effortlessly and naturally indwelling, and so is spontaneously present.
Rest non-conceptually in this effortless and naturally biding state.

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