Peace and understanding go together and never can be found alone

Those who remember always that they know nothing, but who have become willing to learn everything, will learn it. But whenever they trust themselves, they will not learn. They have destroyed their motivation for learning by thinking they already know. Think not you understand anything until you pass the test of perfect peace, for peace […]

It is lack of understanding which frightens

For fear lies not in reality, but in the minds of children who do not understand reality. It is only their lack of understanding which frightens them, and when they learn to perceive truly, they are not afraid. And because of this, they will ask for truth again when they are frightened.

It has been your decision to make everything that is natural and easy for you impossible

Remember that your understanding is not necessary. All that was necessary was merely the wish to understand.And in your desire lies its accomplishment. It is your realization that you need do so little that enables him to give so much.

Humility will never ask that you remain content with littleness. But it does require that […]