Given total purity in the supreme spaciousness of spontaneous evenness, there is uninterrupted openness, free of all extremes or bias.

Cutting Through the Three Times states:

United as one, everything is the basic space of oneness. Oneness is without origination-the unborn basic space of phenomena. The magical displays that are born within unborn basic space are thoroughly indeterminate and completely unrestricted. In awareness, the ultimate heart essence of enlightenment, there is no holding to extreme […]

Consciousness arises ceaselessly within the unborn ground of awareness

All phenomena in the outer environment that manifest in light of awareness are empty, like reflections that are clearly apparent yet ineffable. All inner phenomena are like the traces left by a bird flying in the sky, manifesting as mental stirrings yet fading naturally from one’s awareness. Since these have never existed as anything, consciousness […]

Vajrasattva: Mirror of the Heart

Vajrasattva: Mirror of the Heart states:

Understand all aspects of awareness to be free of ordinary consciousness, which involves concepts of identity. Similarly, bring this understanding to the point of understanding that all phenomena are unceasing. Bring the understanding of what is unceasing to the point of understanding that it manifests in any way […]