Because nothing need be done concerning phenomena, all thoughts concerning the unerring nature amount to nothing. The tight and intricate knot of vows that restrict body and speech makes it extremely difficult to encounter the ultimate meaning of the nature of phenomena The All-Creating Monarch

The All-Creating Monarch states:

All phenomena have the characteristic of space. The characteristic of space is suchness itself. The characteristics of the three kayas abide thus. Everything abides in suchness itself. However they manifest, all phenomena, being just as they are, cannot be improved upon.

The All-Creating Monarch states: Everything contained within the universe of appearances and possibilities such as the kayas, timeless awareness, the positive qualities of buddhas, and the bodies and habitual patterns of beings is, timelessly, the essence of awakened mind

The All-Creating Monarch 0 great and courageous one, if you want to accomplish Natural mind, You can do it only by not wanting to, So do not try to dwell in no conceptual evenness. Abide naturally in the mode that has nothing to do With acceptance or rejection. Abide as a matter of course in the state that does not waver. Mind is the essence of being, just as it is. All phenomena are accomplished in suchness. Given what simply is, do not meddle with anything. Given the essence itself, do not try to achieve anything else. If they were to search, even victorious ones would not find Anything that is other than basic space. Since it is already ensured, there is no need to try to create it now. Since it is already accomplished, there is no need to try to achieve It now rest non conceptually in equipoise, without thinking about anything.

The All-Creating Monarch

Awakened mind is like space. In the nature of phenomena-the nature of mind, like space there is no view to be cultivated, no samaya to be upheld, no effort to be made in enlightened activity, nothing to obscure timeless awareness, no levels on which to train, no paths to be traversed, no subtle factors, no duality, no dependent relationship. There is no definitive or conclusive statement concerning mind. Since it is beyond value judgments, there is no specific instruction to follow or decision to be made. This is the view of awakened mind, great perfection