Given total purity in the supreme spaciousness of spontaneous evenness, there is uninterrupted openness, free of all extremes or bias.

Cutting Through the Three Times states:

United as one, everything is the basic space of oneness. Oneness is without origination-the unborn basic space of phenomena. The magical displays that are born within unborn basic space are thoroughly indeterminate and completely unrestricted. In awareness, the ultimate heart essence of enlightenment, there is no holding to extreme […]

Oneness is nothing other than naturally occurring timeless awareness.

The larger scope to be embraced is one of conduct that is naturally pristine and unembellished with respect to anything that manifests, since all of this is spontaneously present within naturally occurring timeless awareness. Within its spontaneous presence and oneness, there is the decisive experience of the fruition, since this oneness is nothing other than […]

The Direct Encounter with the Three Kayas

The Direct Encounter with the Three Kayas states:

Within the expanse of spontaneous presence is the ground from which everything comes. Since continuous adornment (enlightened form, speech, and mind), positive qualities, and enlightened activity come from it, without being defined by extremes, the basic space of phenomena is a precious gem that fulfills all wishes. […]

Make no effort, since phenomena already are what they are – effort which creates causes and effects

The spontaneously present ground of myriad phenomena is awakened mind, which is always spontaneously present, so the three kayas, unsought, are innately present as natural qualities. Since effort which creates causes and effects, whether positive or negative is unnecessary, immerse yourself in genuine being, 8 resting naturally with nothing needing to be done. The expanse […]

Naturally Occurring Timeless Awareness, Spontaneously Present

Within the expanse of spontaneous presence is the ground from which everything comes. All that manifests as form-the outer environment and the beings within it is enlightened form that is not defined by extremes, arising as continuous adornment. Sounds and voices, whether heard as excellent, average, or inferior, are enlightened speech that is not defined […]