Though the base is utterly without delusion

Mental delusion modifies the base, and so

Not seeing the very base due to causes and conditions,

That very base appears as the bon-phenomena of samsara

Collection of Jewels Sutra (‘Dus pa rin po che’i mdo) :

Within the vast expanse- unnameable and free of elaboration one comes to a decisive experience of the phenomena of the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana. Within the vast expanse-the unborn simultaneity of awareness and emptiness one comes to a decisive experience concerning the phenomena of one’s own self-knowing awareness. Within the vast expanse-which has nothing to do with the recognition or non-recognition of awareness one comes to a decisive experience concerning the phenomena of awakened mind. Within the vast expanse-with no transition or change throughout the three times one comes to a decisive experience concerning timelessly and totally empty phenomena.

Although the single naturally occurring state creates all samsara and nirvana, without anyone creating awareness, which is the source, it abides like space, beyond deliberate effort. With this metaphor and its underlying meaning in harmony, all value judgments concerning diverse phenomena are pacified within the vast expanse of a single basic space. Within the ultimate heart essence, which transcends existence and nonexistence, all phenomena are unceasing, and regardless of the display that arises their very essence is the unimaginable and inexpressible expanse. This is truly beyond all conventional expression and description.

All phenomena of the universe-the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana are inevitably such that they do not waver from awakened mind.

-The All-Creating Monarch

The Great Garuda states:

Abandon desire for bliss, for this harms the mind; rely on resting naturally, free of anything needing to be done regarding samsara or nirvana. As for the magical display of mind and apparent phenomena" This is self," "This is other"- the hindrances of mental stirring, perceiving, thinking, and fixating are dispelled, and so there is imperturbable rest that defies all attempts at verbal expression. The implications of whatever manifests as the miraculous display of ordinary, conceptual mind can be discerned within the "interval," free of characterization, between conceptual mind and the objects that constitute its function.