Since naturally occurring timeless awareness has no life force, it is beyond the limitations of positive or negative

The Tantra Without Letters states:

In the view of naturally occurring timeless awareness, there is no object to be investigated. There were none in the past, there will be none in the future, and none whatsoever manifest in the present. There is no karma. There are no habitual patterns. There is no non recognition. […]

It is mpossible for false perceptions to carry the weight of truth – The Great Garuda

The Great Garuda states:

Mind is such that it is never defined by extremes. It seems to everyone that the lower states of samsara exist, but in truth they do not, being like dreams, illusions, or castles in the sky. It is impossible for these false perceptions to carry the weight of truth.

Phenomena of the universe, whether of samsara or nirvana, are embraced by mind. They manifest within mind, the vast expanse, but have no substance

The Great Garuda states:

The implications of the threefold encounter-the display that manifests as an objective field of experience can be discerned within the “interval” between sense objects and mind, with nothing that arises being rejected.

Just as myriad dreams are subsumed within sleep, being natural manifestations that are empty and without true existence, […]

Samsara or nirvana are embraced within openness, the nature of phenomena

In awareness, a supreme evenness free of extremes, phenomena-the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana-arise ceaselessly. Even as they arise, neither mind nor phenomena can he characterized as “things.” They are embraced within openness, the nature of phenomena

The heaped Jewels

Given the unique quality of timelessness beyond the three times,

Its constant flow is without interruption or boundary

And so has no beginning, middle, or end.

With linear time resolved in timelessness,

There is only the label “supreme evenness”

For what comes about cannot be ascertained.

Having no association with discursive though as such,

The […]