You are imputing duality where there is none, imputing ultimate and conventional. That is delusion

The essential nature that is the basis lacks the conventions of both unawareness and primordial wisdom. Developing realization of this base and excellent insight into it is conventionally designated as “wisdom.” Not understanding, not realizing, this very base at any time is conventionally designated “unawareness.” There have never been two independently existent things in one’s […]

Unbounded Samantabhadra State Tantra

Unbounded Samantabhadra State Tantra (Run du bzang po’i dgongs pa thig le rgyud) says:

Wrong ideas, unawareness, differ from primordial wisdom, yet

Neither exist in the essence itself, the base;

How they appear emerges and arises in the face of attraction


Consciousness arises ceaselessly within the unborn ground of awareness

All phenomena in the outer environment that manifest in light of awareness are empty, like reflections that are clearly apparent yet ineffable. All inner phenomena are like the traces left by a bird flying in the sky, manifesting as mental stirrings yet fading naturally from one’s awareness. Since these have never existed as anything, consciousness […]

Nothing at all appears in wisdom. That arose from not grasping anything

There is not object to investigate within the view of self-originated wisdom: nothing went before, nothing happens later, nothing is present now at all. Action does not exist. […]