Meditator without meditation – One is undistracted within the spontaneously occurring mind nature

In order to eliminate the pitfalls of the Lower Vehicles, it is said that there is no meditation. The principle of Great Completeness is primordially freed from the extremes of meditation as existent or nonexistent. Both existence and nonexistence dwell in a single entity [contradictions are dissolved].

OBJECTION: But how can there be a meditator […]

Analysis Regarding the Existence and Nonexistence of Meditative Stability

Analysis Regarding the Existence and Nonexistence of Meditative Stability (bSam gtan yod med thaggcod) says:

In wholeness, the essential heart, which is mind nature,

Both presence and absence of meditation are contradictions

Its presence, a superimposition due to calmness

Its absence, a nihilist’s detraction.

If neither, indefinite and undemonstrable.

Naturally Arising Awareness

And Naturally Arising Awareness states: Like mirages or shifting images on water, things are not simply nonexistent, nor are they existent. Because they are beyond both existence and nonexistence, there is no recollection of them in the mind of one who is realized. The essence of awareness is unborn. The nature of apparent phenomena is […]

Ultimate heart essence transcends all imagination and expression.

The decisive experience of ineffability is the ultimate heart essence. Since all phenomena of the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana, are ineffable by nature, they are beyond existence. Since the way in which they manifest is unceasing, they are beyond nonexistence. Since they are neither existent nor nonexistent, they are […]