In enlightened intent there is no occurrence of or involvement with hope or fear, and so there is uninterrupted openness, regardless of what arises

The All-Illuminating Sphere states:

In self-knowing awareness having no substance, timelessly pure, and unobstructed there is timeless and total purity beyond substance and characteristics. The face of Samantabhadra gazes in all the ten directions. There is convergence within the single expanse of bliss, the bhaga of the mother consort. The three realms are, without […]

Naturally Arising Awareness

And Naturally Arising Awareness states: Like mirages or shifting images on water, things are not simply nonexistent, nor are they existent. Because they are beyond both existence and nonexistence, there is no recollection of them in the mind of one who is realized. The essence of awareness is unborn. The nature of apparent phenomena is […]

Neither meditation nor anything on which to meditate can be found

Deep Immersion in Awareness states:

Resting just as it does in its own place, the nature of phenomena is similar to space. Since awareness undergoes no transition or change, there is no question of whether or not there is distraction. The immensity of sublime basic space, which does not form and then disintegrate, is not […]