For anyone who posits a nonexistent ground, a goal-oriented path, and an end result, liberation remains obscure precisely because of these suppositions. Emptiness as dull or illuminating, as existent or nonexistent, as something to be affirmed or denied, as cause or effect there are no such limitations as these four pairs of eight factors. This is analogous to the realm of space. Any positing of limiting alternatives to strive for is similar to a blind bird’s searching for the end of the sky nothing will be found. No one could possibly distort the ultimate meaning that nothing can be found. It is impossible for this unelaborated object of knowledge to have a final limit. The Great Garuda

Within the womb of basic space as an infinite sky,

However the universe manifests through transitions and changes in the four elements,

These forms of emptiness are ineffable by nature,

As are the phenomena that are the manifest aspect of awakened mind

Just as illusory images, while manifesting in any way whatsoever,

Are empty by nature and have no substance.

So all phenomena – the world of appearances and possibilities even as they manifest

Do not waver from awakened mind and have no substance.

The true nature of the world is the true nature of the mind. It is never born and is beyond sorrow. Liberation will be attained by seeing the nature of the mind itself, the true nature of phenomena. There is no other peace to attain — Longchenpa

Although phenomena appear as they do to the mind, they are not mind, nor anything other than mind.

Given their illusory nature as clearly apparent yet ineffable manifestations,

Moments by moments they are beyond description, imagination, or expression.

For this reason, know that all phenomena that appear to the mind are ineffable even as they manifest