No Mental Fabrication – understanding; meaning is indicated through a verbal convention, like a finger pointing at the moon

According to the Blissful Cakra (bDe ba’i ‘khor Jo):

If one understands the heart essence, the essential nature just as it is,

One neither “sees oneself as” nor “arises from” meditative stability, equipoise

Neither meditating on, nor separating from it.

This, the excellent Buddha state.

Mindnature, essential precept of the Great Completeness

Realizes everything as […]

Meditator without meditation – One is undistracted within the spontaneously occurring mind nature

In order to eliminate the pitfalls of the Lower Vehicles, it is said that there is no meditation. The principle of Great Completeness is primordially freed from the extremes of meditation as existent or nonexistent. Both existence and nonexistence dwell in a single entity [contradictions are dissolved].

OBJECTION: But how can there be a meditator […]