Cutting Through the Three Times states:

United as one, everything is the basic space of oneness. Oneness is without origination-the unborn basic space of phenomena. The magical displays that are born within unborn basic space are thoroughly indeterminate and completely unrestricted. In awareness, the ultimate heart essence of enlightenment, there is no holding to extreme views, but rather freedom from bias based on characteristics. There is no conclusion to be reached through theories of language or knowledge. It is beyond characterization,  can be neither affirmed nor denied, neither increases nor decreases, and neither comes nor goes. Given total purity in the supreme spaciousness of spontaneous evenness, there is uninterrupted openness, free of all extremes or bias.

At any point, within the vast expanse of enlightened intent self- knowing awareness phenomena, without being better or worse, arise equally, abide equally, and are freed equally. Since there is no phenomenon that is unequal, non-abiding, and not freed, another implication that can be discerned is that enlightenment is a spacious and timeless expanse.

All phenomena, regardless of how they manifest, and natural mind are timelessly of the same nature, so do not think of this in terms of traditions based on either causes or results. When one examines the suchness of natural mind, what manifests is essence, one’s own enlightenment

The All-Creating Monarch

The All-Creating Monarch states:

Countless eons ago, those who had faith in me, all-creating enlightenment those with the suitable karma and good fortune, utterly immersed in genuine being had no view to cultivate in meditation, no samaya to uphold, no enlightened activity involving effort, no paths to traverse, no levels of realization on which to train, no causality, no twofold division  into ultimate and relative, nothing to cultivate in meditation or achieve, no motivation to be aroused, and no antidotes. So that they might perceive the nature 0f all-creating mind, I revealed it for just this purpose.

When followers of Zen fail to go beyond the world of their senses and thoughts, all their doings and movements are of no significance. But when the senses and thoughts are annihilated, all the passages to Universal Mind are blocked, and no entrance then becomes possible. The original Mind is to be recognized along with the working of the senses and thoughts only it does not belong to them, nor yet is it independent of them. Do not build up your views upon your senses and thoughts, do not base your Understanding upon your senses and thoughts; but at the same time do not seek the Mind away from your senses and thoughts, do not try to grasp Reality by rejecting your senses and thoughts. When you are neither attached to, nor detached from, them, then you enjoy your perfect unobstructed freedom, then you have your seat of enlightenment.