Timeless awareness is non-conceptual and immutable.

I have shown that view is not to be cultivated. I have shown that samaya is not to be upheld. I have shown that enlightened activity is not to be sought. I have shown that there are no paths to be traversed. I have shown that states of attainment are not to be developed. Timeless […]

In enlightened intent there is no occurrence of or involvement with hope or fear, and so there is uninterrupted openness, regardless of what arises

The All-Illuminating Sphere states:

In self-knowing awareness having no substance, timelessly pure, and unobstructed there is timeless and total purity beyond substance and characteristics. The face of Samantabhadra gazes in all the ten directions. There is convergence within the single expanse of bliss, the bhaga of the mother consort. The three realms are, without […]

The realm of the unchanging nature of phenomena

From awareness, uncreated and spontaneously present, arises enlightened intent, a natural state of rest that is effortless and spacious. Awakened mind, beyond any causes and effects, whether positive or negative, is discerned within the realm of the unchanging nature of phenomena

The Natural Freedom That Underlies Characteristics

The Natural Freedom That Underlies Characteristics states: Since underlying causes revert to the single sphere of being, hope and fear about goals are cut through-a realm equal to space. Expansive, vast, and equal to space-the enlightened mind of victorious ones. No renunciation or attainment-the expanse of the single sphere of being. Freedom in its own […]

Eenlightenment is a spacious and timeless expanse.

At any point, within the vast expanse of enlightened intent self- knowing awareness phenomena, without being better or worse, arise equally, abide equally, and are freed equally. Since there is no phenomenon that is unequal, non-abiding, and not freed, another implication that can be discerned is that enlightenment is a spacious and timeless expanse.