Renounce worldly confusion and the phenomena that result from conceptual elaboration. In a solitary place, look to the heart essence, in which nothing need be done. This is, in truth, my profound and heartfelt advice. Be scrupulous in your examination, and realization will awaken in your mind. Maintain no fixation, and the confusion that reifies things will be destroyed Act without a specific point of reference, and the lack of true existence will become apparent as a matter of course. Whatever manifests as objects, whatever arises in the mind, the key point of these phenomena is the state of evenness-utter relaxation, with neither suppression nor indulgence. Abandon yourself in imperturbable rest, for this is the very consummation of enlightened intent. The arising of the naturally pristine state in which no traces are left leads one to the point of resolution. Thus, the quintessential meaning that underlies all phenomena without exception is explained in this commentary on The Precious Treasury of the Way of Abiding.