Stand firm in the nature of phenomena, which is without transition or change. In the primordial realm of basic space that does not abide in any specific way, the superficial layers of view are cut through incisively, and the key point in its entirety is revealed to be ineffability. Thus, with the key point of ineffability having been revealed, one implication is that awareness a state of imperturbable rest not cultivated in meditation can be discerned in the absence of acceptance or rejection of whatever arises

Illusions carry only guilt and suffering, sickness and death to their believers. The form in which they are accepted is irrelevant. No form of misery in reason’s eyes can be confused with joy. Joy is eternal. You can be sure indeed that any seeming happiness that does not last is really fear. Joy does not turn to sorrow, for the eternal cannot change. But sorrow can be turned to joy, for time gives way to the eternal. Only the timeless must remain unchanged, but everything in time can change with time. Yet if the change be real and not imagined, illusions must give way to truth and not to other dreams that are but equally unreal. This is no difference

Because you are searching, your path is changing