Awakened mind is the heart essence of all phenomena

I, the all-creating one, am beyond causality. Beyond causality, I am beyond the entire range of finite experience. The nature of phenomena, which transcends everything, is awakened mind. Awakened mind is the heart essence of all phenomena

The definitive conclusion is reached by virtue of the ineffable nature of the ten attributes

Naturally occurring timeless awareness arises from within, the dark night of causality is cleared away, and the massing clouds of virtue and harm do not amount to anything whatsoever the sun of ultimate reality shines in the sky of the basic space of phenomena. This is the decisive experience in the ultimate sense. The definitive […]

Behold the ultimate meaning of supreme, uncontrived evenness. Since this is beyond causality and deliberate effort, be decisive

This being so, if you desire what is sublimely meaningful the way of abiding put aside all factors that, like so many childish games, fetter and exhaust you physically, verbally, and mentally. The nature of ineffability, the expanse free of elaboration, is the nature of phenomena-natural great perfection. In expansiveness beyond imagination, in which nothing […]