Once one realizes the state of what simply is, view, meditation and fruit are one. Primordially whole and complete, one does not seek origins .  Absent negation and proof, mind is effort-free.

Likewise, Vehicle Commentary states: Within the view, open awareness, there is neither [the effort of] taking up nor putting aside.

It follows that there is no point in meditating on the path of virtue or doing any virtuous Bon practice. Why? Because these are separate.

Such practices do not bring about the fully qualified unchanging

Buddhahood, and are destined to fail “like a fledgling Garuda seeking out the ends of space.”

In the bodies of all ordinary beings abides the pure vision of timeless awareness, but it cannot manifest on a grand scale. For example, that which is within the confines of a womb or an egg is not evident,but obscured. Once its own energy is perfected, however, it emerges. Similarly, as soon as this body born of discursive thoughts has been cast aside, one encounters the realm of naturally manifest appearances. Self-knowing awareness,abiding timelessly, perceives the essence non conceptually. The pure vision of timeless awareness and the truth of buddhahood are perceived.

-The Perfect Dynamic Energy of the Lion –

The ultimate meaning of view – that there is nothing to be viewed – is revealed.This is the view that has no particular point of reference. Since timeless awareness, having no substance, is unobstructed,