‘The Reality of reality

The significance of Brahman is expressed by neti neti (not so, not so) ; for beyond this, that you say it is not so, there is nothing further. Its name, however, is ‘the Reality of reality.’ That is to say, the senses are real, and the Brahman is their Reality.

Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad

Before whom words recoil – it cannot be defined by word or idea

The purpose of all words is to illustrate the meaning of an object. When they are heard, they should enable the hearer to understand this meaning, and this according to the four categories of substance, of activity, of quality and of relationship. For example, cow and horse belong to the category of substance. He cooks […]

Meditate upon this truth within your consciousness

The nature of the one Reality must be known by one’s own clear

spiritual perception; it cannot be known through a pandit

(learned man). Similarly the form of the moon can only be

known through one’s own eyes. How can it be known through others?

Who but the Atman is capable of removing the bonds […]