Because nothing need be done concerning phenomena, all thoughts concerning the unerring nature amount to nothing. The tight and intricate knot of vows that restrict body and speech makes it extremely difficult to encounter the ultimate meaning of the nature of phenomena The All-Creating Monarch

When the flow of virtue and non-virtue is interrupted, if there is no union with and then separation from the nature of phenomena, there is immersion in genuine being as the definitive and supreme secret. One effortlessly reaches the primordial level of being, having gained the majestic palace of dharmakaya timeless rest

Therefore, all things that are reified by the designation of names and meanings, as well as reactions based on distinctions of better or worse, and deliberate efforts involving causality even as all these phenomena manifest, they are ineffable phenomena, like space, in which nothing need be done. For whoever understands this, all phenomena are embraced within the larger scope of ineffability.

Any efforts one makes poison one’s perception of the essence of awareness. Look at the hell beings, tormented spirits, animals, and other beings who are reborn and wander in samsara owing to the karma of having engaged in effort. Even though one acts in a positive way, one merely attains the better aspects of samsara-that is, the bodies and pleasures of gods and humans-only to have these fall away, so that one continues to wander in samsara. Negative actions result in the suffering of the three lower realms of rebirth, prolonging one’s wandering in samsara. There is no opportunity for escape.

The Great Garuda states:

One will not transcend the three realms with a mind ensnared by cleverness

Deliberate action misleads-look at the confusing appearances of samsara. Effort corrupts-think about the machinations of suffering. With virtue and harm, there is an uninterrupted flow of happiness and suffering. Karma is reinforced, causing one to wander high and low through samsara. There is no opportunity to escape the ocean of conditioned existence.

And The All-Creating Monarch states:

Because nothing need be done concerning phenomena, one proceeds through the doorway of effortlessness. The same source continues: 0 great and courageous one, desiring something great, one makes efforts in meditation and other spiritual practice, but this greatness will not be achieved through such effort. This greatness occurs naturally; it is forever great. If one meditates, one contrives the intent of Buddhahood. Those who contrive the intent of Buddhahood will not encounter their own nature for eons.