In enlightened intent there is no occurrence of or involvement with hope or fear, and so there is uninterrupted openness, regardless of what arises

The All-Illuminating Sphere states:

In self-knowing awareness having no substance, timelessly pure, and unobstructed there is timeless and total purity beyond substance and characteristics. The face of Samantabhadra gazes in all the ten directions. There is convergence within the single expanse of bliss, the bhaga of the mother consort. The three realms are, without […]

The Perfect Dynamic Energy of the Lion

The Perfect Dynamic Energy of the Lion refers to the ultimate meaning of supreme bliss that occurs naturally and entails no reifying thought. If the truth of buddhahood is perceived, one is an heir to victorious ones. If realization is mastered thoroughly, there is always bliss. If all that occurs arises as an ally, perception […]

This is self -This is other- The Great Garuda

The Great Garuda states:

Abandon desire for bliss, for this harms the mind; rely on resting naturally, free of anything needing to be done regarding samsara or nirvana. As for the magical display of mind and apparent phenomena" This is self," "This is other"- the hindrances of mental stirring, perceiving, thinking, and fixating are dispelled, […]