Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting The soul that rises with us, like a star Hath had elsewhere its setting,

Dependent on the eye-faculty and visual form, visual cognitive awareness arises; the concomitance of the three is sense-impression. Depending on sense-impression is feeling, depending on feeling is craving, depending on craving is grasping, depending on grasping is becoming, depending on becoming is birth, depending on birth, old age, death, grief, lamentation, suffering, distress and despair come about.
This is the arising of the world.
English terms Sanskrit terms
With Ignorance as condition, Mental Formations arise With Avidyā as condition, Saṅkhāra (Saṃskāra) arises
With Mental Formations as condition, Consciousness arises With Saṅkhāra (Saṃskāra) as condition, Vijñāna arises
With Consciousness as condition, Mind and Matter arise With Vijñāna as condition, Nāmarūpa arises
With Mind and Matter as condition, Sense Gates arise With Nāmarūpa as condition, Ṣaḍāyatana arises
With Sense Gates as condition, Contact arises With Ṣaḍāyatana as condition, Sparśa arises
With Contact as condition, Feeling arises With Sparśa as condition, Vedanā arises
With Feeling as condition, Craving arises With Vedanā as condition, Tṛṣṇā arises
With Craving as condition, Clinging arises With Tṛṣṇā as condition, Upādāna arises
With Clinging as condition, Becoming arises With Upādāna as condition, Bhava arises
With Becoming as a condition, Birth arises With Bhava as condition, Jāti arises
With Birth as condition, Aging and Dying arise With Jāti as condition, Jarāmaraṇa arises

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prat%C4%ABtyasamutp%C4%81da