Deep Immersion in Awareness states:

Resting just as it does in its own place, the nature of phenomena is similar to space. Since awareness undergoes no transition or change, there is no question of whether or not there is distraction. The immensity of sublime basic space, which does not form and then disintegrate, is not within the range of finite experience that can be characterized with words. Those immersed in genuine being-for whom naturally arising awareness wells forth as the expanse of sublime knowing, whose minds are not pedantic even though they have heard many teachings, and who have gained realization within the indescribable expanse decide that this is not a matter of anything being characterized or not. Since neither meditation nor anything on which to meditate can be found, there is no need to slay the foes of lethargy, agitation, and discursive thought.

When goodness grows weak, When evil increases, I make myself a body. In every age I come back To deliver the holy, To destroy the sin of the sinner, To establish righteousness. He who knows the nature Of my task and my holy birth Is not reborn When he leaves this body; He comes to Me. Flying from fear, From lust and anger, He hides in Me, His refuge and safety. Burnt clean in the blaze of my being, In Me many find home. Bhagavad-Gita

We have said much about discrepancies of means and end and how these must be brought in line before your holy relationship can bring you only joy. But we have also said the means to meet the Holy Spirit’s goal will come from the same Source as does His purpose. Being so simple and direct, this course has nothing in it that is not consistent. The seeming inconsistencies or parts you find more difficult than others are merely indications of areas where means and end are still discrepant. And this produces great discomfort. This need not be. This course requires almost nothing of you. It is impossible to imagine one that asks so little or could offer more.