Without adherence, everything is clarified in great bliss.

Reflexive open awareness is authentic experience.

Great Sky beyond Effort

The ultimate meaning of view-that there is nothing to be viewed-is revealed. This is the view that has no particular point of reference. Since timeless awareness, having no substance, is unobstructed, this self-knowing awareness is spontaneously present. Since there is nothing other than this, anything within the individual’s self-knowing timeless awareness is the radiance of that supreme awareness. This timeless state is the accomplished conqueror Vajradhara. Therefore, within the ground of being, perfect Buddhahood is not some object, for there is total purity beyond dualistic perception. Self-knowing awareness abides within its own radiance. Space, pure by nature, is permeated by the ultimate “sky” of the nature of phenomena. In the ultimate sky of the nature of phenomena shines the sun of self-knowing timeless awareness, illuminating everything without distinction or bias.

I have shown that view is not to be cultivated. I have shown that samaya is not to be upheld. I have shown that enlightened activity is not to be sought. I have shown that there are no paths to be traversed. I have shown that states of attainment are not to be developed. Timeless awareness is non-conceptual and immutable. The nature of phenomena, what simply is, is not to be contrived

The All-Illuminating Sphere states:

In self-knowing awareness having no substance, timelessly pure, and unobstructed there is timeless and total purity beyond substance and characteristics. The face of Samantabhadra gazes in all the ten directions. There is convergence within the single expanse of bliss, the bhaga of the mother consort. The three realms are, without exception, the supreme sphere of being. Supreme openness arises naturally In enlightened intent there is no occurrence of or involvement with hope or fear, and so there is uninterrupted openness, regardless of what arises. In this naturally arising, unbiased, and unrestricted state what simply is there is never a chance of being caught within the cage of reification.

Whatever arises does so as the display of natural dynamic energy arising within the scope of awareness (like waves on water) or as movement within its naturally unsullied state (like fish swimming in the ocean). To engage in that movement without viewing it with any bias is “uninterrupted openness in which things simultaneously arise and are free.”

The All-Illuminating Sphere states:

In the ocean of naturally occurring timeless awareness, any thoughts stirring in the conceptual mind are golden fish swimming in that ocean.