I, the all-creating one, am beyond causality. Beyond causality, I am beyond the entire range of finite experience. The nature of phenomena, which transcends everything, is awakened mind. Awakened mind is the heart essence of all phenomena

The Direct Encounter with the Three Kayas states:

However thinking occurs, it occurs within its own context. However concepts occur, they occur within their own context. In awakened mind, there is never any thinking or concepts. The mind of victorious ones of the three times is free of Conceptualization

The All Creating Monarch states:

Therefore, the entire universe of appearances and possibilities is such that everything abides within the realm of space. Buddhas, ordinary beings, and the universe all abide in the same way, given the vast domain of the supreme expanse of awakened mind. In the totally pure nature of phenomena, everything is nondual, free of all exaggeration or denigration.