The Great Garuda states:

In groundlessness, uncontrived and free of anything to rely upon, assuming specific postures and trying to relax in lucidity bind one to apparent phenomena. If one’s mind is not free of extremes and not unbiased, mental analysis and speculation prevent one from experiencing the way of abiding. Without the confidence that comes from resting naturally in timeless freedom, in which nothing need be done, realization is constrained by wishful thinking and fleeting meditative experiences. Without the key point of resting naturally and not seeking anything, awareness is obscured by reliance on teachings that concern causality.

Within the scope of nonmanifest awareness, myriad phenomena are totally pure in the ineffability of causes and effects, whether positive or negative, and so the ultimate meaning of what, like space, entails no effort or achievement has been explained in this precious commentary that analyzes the first topic. Individuals of the highest acumen and good fortune, learned ones who have heard many teachings and undergone excellent training, accomplished gods and demigods, masters of mantras of awareness, and vast hosts of oath-bound guardians-rejoice in this!