The Perfect Dynamic Energy of the Lion refers to the ultimate meaning of supreme bliss that occurs naturally and entails no reifying thought. If the truth of buddhahood is perceived, one is an heir to victorious ones. If realization is mastered thoroughly, there is always bliss. If all that occurs arises as an ally, perception is pure.

Since the heart essence24 is ineffability (the timeless freedom of apparent phenomena and mind), the expanse of evenness (the nature of phenomena in which confusion settles out naturally) abides uninterruptedly in the realm of dharmakaya. There is no division between things arising and being free; they converge in a single blissful expanse. In arising, they arise naturally, holding to their own place. In abiding, they abide naturally, holding to their own place. In being freed, they are freed naturally, holding to their own place. Everything is naturally free, arising from the expanse of the nature of phenomena, and thus does not stray elsewhere, being simply the display of dharmakaya. Apparent phenomena, naturally manifest and experienced unconditionally, are the natural expressions of emptiness. They abide in the ultimate heart essence, being neither positive nor negative.

The Great Garuda states:

The ground of being is total freedom, timeless purity beyond characteristics. Its effortless freedom, in which nothing need be done, removes the stumbling block of ordinary mind. The implications of the threefold encounter-the display that manifests as sense objects can be discerned within the "interval" between objects and mind, with nothing that arises being abandoned.

Everything arose from non-arising; even arising itself never arose