Some thoughts on Consciousness and Creation

Everything that exists in every dimension has a unique vibrational signature. Thought is the metronome that determines the frequency to which you are tuned.
Consciousness is complete; it is the resultant force of the creator.
Thought is the definer of the resonant vibrations in your reality.
You are the master alchemist of your life by participating in the flow of consciousness that surrounds you and mastering the thoughts within you.
There is nothing that can be created that is not first thought of.
There is no creation that can be sustained without focused thought.
Without the intentional, focused thought, your creations would wither like unwatered grass in the heat of the sun.
Consciousness is eternal, resonant vibrations must be sustained to manifest creation.
Therefore, the earth upon which you stand, the universe in which you dwell, exists because of an intentional, focused thought in the mind of All That Is.

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