Diamond Sutra, Tathagata, not a system of teaching

The Lord Buddha then warned Subhuti, saying, Subhuti, do not
think that the Tathagata ever considers in his own mind : I ought
to enunciate a system of teaching for the elucidation of the
Dharma. You should never cherish such a thought. And why ?
Because if any disciple harboured such a thought he would not
only be misunderstanding the Tathagata’s teaching, but he would
be slandering him as well. Moreover, the expression “a system
of teaching” has no meaning; for Truth (in the sense of Reality)
cannot be cut up into pieces and arranged into a system.The

The words can only be used as a figure of speech


Secret Scripture Collection -Knowing me is knowing all— Great bliss

Secret Scripture Collection says:

Nothing, not even one thing

Does not arise from me.

Nothing, not even one thing

Dwells not within me.

Everything, just everything

Emanates from me

Thus am I only one.

Knowing me is knowing all—

Great bliss.

Great Sky Beyond Effort Tantra -We wander the six realms of rebirth

Great Sky Beyond Effort Tantra says:

Due to inborn unawareness, heart essence itself

Though ever here, goes unrecognized.

Through beginningless delusion

Samsara is engaged, wherein

Attracted to external objects and

With wrongful imputation

We wander the six realms of rebirth

Incurring various dissatisfactions,

Since grasping at objects is deeply ingrained.

Blissful Samantabhadra – Breaking away from the body one is liberated

Blissful Samantabhadra says:

Like the baby Garuda who breaks its egg and flies full force,

“Breaking away [from the body] one is liberated”—even this does not describe it

Heart of Essential

Heart of Essential Precepts:

When this errorless essential precept is shown

Your own mind is effortlessly known,

Hope and doubt gone, fruition comes on