Neither attached to, nor detached from,enjoy your perfect unobstructed freedom,then you have your seat of enlightenment.

When followers of Zen fail to go beyond the world of their senses
and thoughts, all their doings and movements are of no significance.
But when the senses and thoughts are annihilated, all the
passages to Universal Mind are blocked, and no entrance then
becomes possible. The original Mind is to be recognized along
with the working of the senses and thoughts only it does not
belong to them, nor yet is it independent of them. Do not build
up your views upon your senses and thoughts, do not base your
Understanding upon your senses and thoughts; but at the same
time do not seek the Mind away from your senses and thoughts,
do not try to grasp Reality by rejecting your senses and thoughts.
When you are neither attached to, nor detached from, them, then
you enjoy your perfect unobstructed freedom, then you have
your seat of enlightenment.


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