It is the Tao as it manifests itself on the level of living bodies

First, as to creation : if a human mind can directly influence matter not merely within, but even outside its body, then a
divine mind, immanent in the universe or transcendent to it, may be presumed to be capable of imposing forms upon a
pre-existing chaos of formless matter, or even, perhaps, of
thinking substance as well as forms into existence.
Once created or divinely informed, the universe has to be
sustained. The necessity for a continuous re-creation of the world becomes manifest, according to Descartes, ‘when we
consider the nature of time, or the duration of things ; for this is of such a kind that its parts are not mutually dependent and never co-existent; and, accordingly, from the fact that we are now it does not necessarily follow that we shall be a moment afterwards, unless some cause, viz. that which first produced us, shall, as it were, continually reproduce us, that is, conserve us.’ Here we seem to have something analogous, on the cosmic level, to that physiological intelligence which, in men and the lower animals, unsleepingly performs the task of seeing that bodies behave as they should. Indeed, the physiological intelligence may plausibly be regarded as, a special aspect of the
general re-creating Logos. In Chinese phraseology it is the
Tao as it manifests itself on the level of living bodies.

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