Consciousness and Basic Energy Principles

Basic Energy Principles

1. Everything seen and unseen is a form of energy; that energy is derived of consciousness.

2. Focused thought (i.e. directed consciousness) possesses the innate ability to influence,
restructure, and ultimately mold energy, matter, outcomes, and the experiences that
consciousness will perceive.

3. The less dense the energy structure or environment, the faster the pace at which the
restructuring may occur. Changes in the physical realm take time to occur.

4. The effectiveness and speed by which consciousness restructures an energy-based
environment is determined by the intensity of the thought impacting the environment and the
density of the energy-environment being acting upon.

These energy principles are important because humans inherently possess the ability to
shape and mold their individual reality. However, we must first recognize this ability in order to
consciously take advantage of it to shape our perceived reality as desired. The process of energy
restructuring occurs much faster in the non-physical state where the environment is extremely
thought-responsive, but one should not become discouraged if desired changes in the physical realm take time.

If one were to contend life is but an educational process in the long continuum of eternity
then life in the physical world would be an ideal training ground to learn to control one’s
thoughts and focused energy by trial and error through a series of successive lives, overcoming
energy-controlling issues such as negative emotions, psychological issues, fear, jealousy, trust
issues, pride, etc., in an effort to prepare one’s higher self for elevated planes of consciousness
where energy is immediately responsive to one’s thoughts.

Robert Monroe learned through his decades of experience and experimental results that
physical inputs can help focus one’s conscious awareness to aid in this lifetime learning process.
Pain or pleasure will turn attention to the event causing the experience, and the experience is
effectively stored in memory because of that attention. Further, if emotion is involved, the
storage process will be enhanced even further. Physical experience thus deepens the energy-
manipulation learning process. For an experiencing human consciousness, the depth and
effectiveness of learning life-based experiences is in direct proportion to the intensity of the

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