Body and speech makes it extremely difficult to encounter the ultimate meaning of the nature of phenomena

Because nothing need be done concerning phenomena, all thoughts concerning the unerring nature amount to nothing. The tight and intricate knot of vows that restrict body and speech makes it extremely difficult to encounter the ultimate meaning of the nature of phenomena The All-Creating Monarch

Without the key point of resting naturally and not seeking anything, awareness is obscured by reliance on teachings that concern causality.

The Great Garuda states:

In groundlessness, uncontrived and free of anything to rely upon, assuming specific postures and trying to relax in lucidity bind one to apparent phenomena. If one’s mind is not free of extremes and not unbiased, mental analysis and speculation prevent one from experiencing the way of abiding. Without the confidence […]

Since naturally occurring timeless awareness has no life force, it is beyond the limitations of positive or negative

The Tantra Without Letters states:

In the view of naturally occurring timeless awareness, there is no object to be investigated. There were none in the past, there will be none in the future, and none whatsoever manifest in the present. There is no karma. There are no habitual patterns. There is no non recognition. […]

In the ultimate sky of the nature of phenomena shines the sun of self-knowing timeless awareness, illuminating everything without distinction or bias.

The ultimate meaning of view-that there is nothing to be viewed-is revealed. This is the view that has no particular point of reference. Since timeless awareness, having no substance, is unobstructed, this self-knowing awareness is spontaneously present. Since there is nothing other than this, anything within the individual’s self-knowing timeless awareness is the radiance of […]

Timeless awareness is non-conceptual and immutable.

I have shown that view is not to be cultivated. I have shown that samaya is not to be upheld. I have shown that enlightened activity is not to be sought. I have shown that there are no paths to be traversed. I have shown that states of attainment are not to be developed. Timeless […]