Whatever arises does so as the display of natural dynamic energy arising within the scope of awareness (like waves on water) or as movement within its naturally unsullied state (like fish swimming in the ocean). To engage in that movement without viewing it with any bias is “uninterrupted openness in which things simultaneously arise and are free.”

The All-Illuminating Sphere states:

In the ocean of naturally occurring timeless awareness, any thoughts stirring in the conceptual mind are golden fish swimming in that ocean.

Just as the universe manifests within the realm of space, samsara and nirvana arise within the scope of awareness as its unceasing dynamic energy. Of what are they the dynamic energy, you wonder? Just as dreams arise from the dynamic energy of sleep, owing to non-recognition of awareness beings of the three realms and the apparent phenomena of the universe manifest from the dynamic energy that arises as ordinary mind-the eight modes of consciousness. Like confused perceptions manifesting from the dynamic energy of a virulent fever, the apparent phenomena of samsara arise naturally from the confusion of ordinary mind, yet even as they arise they are pure as natural manifestations of emptiness.

In awareness, a supreme evenness free of extremes, phenomena-the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana-arise ceaselessly. Even as they arise, neither mind nor phenomena can he characterized as “things.” They are embraced within openness, the nature of phenomena

Just as dreams do not stray from sleep and, even as they appear, are by nature ineffable, the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana, likewise does not waver from the scope of awakened mind and has no substance or characteristics.