The definitive conclusion is reached by virtue of the ineffable nature of the ten attributes

Naturally occurring timeless awareness arises from within, the dark night of causality is cleared away, and the massing clouds of virtue and harm do not amount to anything whatsoever the sun of ultimate reality shines in the sky of the basic space of phenomena. This is the decisive experience in the ultimate sense. The definitive […]

Burnt clean in the blaze of my being, In Me many find home

When goodness grows weak, When evil increases, I make myself a body. In every age I come back To deliver the holy, To destroy the sin of the sinner, To establish righteousness. He who knows the nature Of my task and my holy birth Is not reborn When he leaves this body; He comes to […]

They gave no thought to the Universe

Theirs were souls in the making yet, With the deeper lessons of life unlearned; The chords of their hearts were still untouched, The passions of youth in their breasts still burned. They gave no thought to the Universe, They heard no hint of God’s great plan- By most its thought all their hard lives taught […]

All therapy is release from the past

God and I, we are one in knowledge – Eckhart

For though she sink all sinking in the oneness of divinity, she never touches bottom. For it is of the very essence of the soul that she is powerless to plumb the depths of her creator. And here one cannot speak of the soul any more, for she has lost her nature yonder in […]