Since naturally occurring timeless awareness has no life force, it is beyond the limitations of positive or negative

The Tantra Without Letters states:

In the view of naturally occurring timeless awareness, there is no object to be investigated. There were none in the past, there will be none in the future, and none whatsoever manifest in the present. There is no karma. There are no habitual patterns. There is no non recognition. […]

Myriad phenomena are totally pure in the ineffability of causes and effects, whether positive or negative,

Within the scope of nonmanifest awareness, myriad phenomena are totally pure in the ineffability of causes and effects, whether positive or negative, and so the ultimate meaning of what, like space, entails no effort or achievement has been explained in this precious commentary that analyzes the first topic. Individuals of the highest acumen and good […]

In the ultimate sky of the nature of phenomena shines the sun of self-knowing timeless awareness, illuminating everything without distinction or bias.

The ultimate meaning of view-that there is nothing to be viewed-is revealed. This is the view that has no particular point of reference. Since timeless awareness, having no substance, is unobstructed, this self-knowing awareness is spontaneously present. Since there is nothing other than this, anything within the individual’s self-knowing timeless awareness is the radiance of […]

Timeless awareness is non-conceptual and immutable.

I have shown that view is not to be cultivated. I have shown that samaya is not to be upheld. I have shown that enlightened activity is not to be sought. I have shown that there are no paths to be traversed. I have shown that states of attainment are not to be developed. Timeless […]

Given total purity in the supreme spaciousness of spontaneous evenness, there is uninterrupted openness, free of all extremes or bias.

Cutting Through the Three Times states:

United as one, everything is the basic space of oneness. Oneness is without origination-the unborn basic space of phenomena. The magical displays that are born within unborn basic space are thoroughly indeterminate and completely unrestricted. In awareness, the ultimate heart essence of enlightenment, there is no holding to extreme […]