Phenomena of the universe, whether of samsara or nirvana, are embraced by mind. They manifest within mind, the vast expanse, but have no substance

The Great Garuda states:

The implications of the threefold encounter-the display that manifests as an objective field of experience can be discerned within the “interval” between sense objects and mind, with nothing that arises being rejected.

Just as myriad dreams are subsumed within sleep, being natural manifestations that are empty and without true existence, […]

The characteristic of space is suchness itself – The All-Creating Monarch states

The All-Creating Monarch states:

All phenomena have the characteristic of space. The characteristic of space is suchness itself. The characteristics of the three kayas abide thus. Everything abides in suchness itself. However they manifest, all phenomena, being just as they are, cannot be improved upon.

World of appearances and possibilities has no substance or characteristics

Just as dreams do not stray from sleep and, even as they appear, are by nature ineffable, the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana, likewise does not waver from the scope of awakened mind and has no substance or characteristics.