Without the key point of resting naturally and not seeking anything, awareness is obscured by reliance on teachings that concern causality.

The Great Garuda states:

In groundlessness, uncontrived and free of anything to rely upon, assuming specific postures and trying to relax in lucidity bind one to apparent phenomena. If one’s mind is not free of extremes and not unbiased, mental analysis and speculation prevent one from experiencing the way of abiding. Without the confidence […]

Phenomena of the universe, whether of samsara or nirvana, are embraced by mind. They manifest within mind, the vast expanse, but have no substance

The Great Garuda states:

The implications of the threefold encounter-the display that manifests as an objective field of experience can be discerned within the “interval” between sense objects and mind, with nothing that arises being rejected.

Just as myriad dreams are subsumed within sleep, being natural manifestations that are empty and without true existence, […]

We behold that darkness beyond being, concealed under all natural light

The simple, absolute and immutable mysteries of divine Truth are hidden in the super-luminous darkness of that silence which revealeth in secret. For this darkness, though of deepest obscurity, is yet radiantly clear; and, though beyond touch and sight, it more than fills our unseeing minds with splendours of transcendent beauty. . . . We […]