Great Sky Beyond Effort Tantra

Great Sky Beyond Effort Tantra says:

Being its own heart

It arises from that.

Once taught, is seen

And therefore is itself

Blissful Samantabhadra – Breaking away from the body one is liberated

Blissful Samantabhadra says:

Like the baby Garuda who breaks its egg and flies full force,

“Breaking away [from the body] one is liberated”—even this does not describe it

Heart of Essential

Heart of Essential Precepts:

When this errorless essential precept is shown

Your own mind is effortlessly known,

Hope and doubt gone, fruition comes on

Blissful Samantabhadra

Blissful Samantabhadra:

This is the heart of the Great Completeness:

One being indefinite, there are many

Many not occurring, a dwelling as one,

A non-difference between one and many

Even nonexistence itself passes beyond nonexistence.

The convention of saying “beyond”

Has not been stated even by Shenrab.

No Mental Fabrication – understanding; meaning is indicated through a verbal convention, like a finger pointing at the moon

According to the Blissful Cakra (bDe ba’i ‘khor Jo):

If one understands the heart essence, the essential nature just as it is,

One neither “sees oneself as” nor “arises from” meditative stability, equipoise

Neither meditating on, nor separating from it.

This, the excellent Buddha state.

Mindnature, essential precept of the Great Completeness

Realizes everything as […]