Great Sky Beyond Effort Tantra

Great Sky Beyond Effort Tantra says:

Being its own heart

It arises from that.

Once taught, is seen

And therefore is itself

Sun Suffusing the Thousand Directions, the Bon Teachings Tantra

taking a rope for a snake […]

Primordially Existent Sky

Primordially Existent Sky (Nam mkha’ ye srid) says:

Not recognizing just as it is

The mind’s real nature

Is delusion

Lost in enormous, elemental darkness

Endlessly a wanderer, endlessly in circles

Diamond Sutra, Tathagata, not a system of teaching

The Lord Buddha then warned Subhuti, saying, Subhuti, do not think that the Tathagata ever considers in his own mind : I ought to enunciate a system of teaching for the elucidation of the Dharma. You should never cherish such a thought. And why ? Because if any disciple harboured such a thought he would […]

Great Sky Beyond Effort Tantra -We wander the six realms of rebirth

Great Sky Beyond Effort Tantra […]