It is mpossible for false perceptions to carry the weight of truth – The Great Garuda

The Great Garuda states:

Mind is such that it is never defined by extremes. It seems to everyone that the lower states of samsara exist, but in truth they do not, being like dreams, illusions, or castles in the sky. It is impossible for these false perceptions to carry the weight of truth.

Oneness is nothing other than naturally occurring timeless awareness.

The larger scope to be embraced is one of conduct that is naturally pristine and unembellished with respect to anything that manifests, since all of this is spontaneously present within naturally occurring timeless awareness. Within its spontaneous presence and oneness, there is the decisive experience of the fruition, since this oneness is nothing other than […]

The world of appearances and possibilities has no substance or characteristics

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Just as dreams do not stray from sleep and, even as they appear, are by nature ineffable, the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana, likewise does not waver from the scope of awakened mind and has no substance or characteristics.

Consciousness arises ceaselessly within the unborn ground of awareness

All phenomena in the outer environment that manifest in light of awareness are empty, like reflections that are clearly apparent yet ineffable. All inner phenomena are like the traces left by a bird flying in the sky, manifesting as mental stirrings yet fading naturally from one’s awareness. Since these have never existed as anything, consciousness […]

Everything is the adornment of basic space

Overwhelming the Six Modes of Consciousness with Splendor states:

The spontaneously present nature of mind is the expanse of unchanging space. Its display is indeterminate-the expanse of the magical expressions of responsiveness. Everything is the adornment of basic space. Apart from this, there is no other context in which they cease.