Ultimate heart essence transcends all imagination and expression.

The decisive experience of ineffability is the ultimate heart essence. Since all phenomena of the world of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana, are ineffable by nature, they are beyond existence. Since the way in which they manifest is unceasing, they are beyond nonexistence. Since they are neither existent nor nonexistent, they are […]

In the totally pure nature of phenomena, everything is nondual, free of all exaggeration or denigration

The All Creating Monarch states:

Therefore, the entire universe of appearances and possibilities is such that everything abides within the realm of space. Buddhas, ordinary beings, and the universe all abide in the same way, given the vast domain of the supreme expanse of awakened mind. In the totally pure nature of phenomena, everything […]

Everything is naturally free, arising from the expanse of the nature of phenomena, and thus does not stray elsewhere

Since the heart essence24 is ineffability (the timeless freedom of apparent phenomena and mind), the expanse of evenness (the nature of phenomena in which confusion settles out naturally) abides uninterruptedly in the realm of dharmakaya. There is no division between things arising and being free; they converge in a single blissful expanse. In arising, they […]

This is self -This is other- The Great Garuda

The Great Garuda states:

Abandon desire for bliss, for this harms the mind; rely on resting naturally, free of anything needing to be done regarding samsara or nirvana. As for the magical display of mind and apparent phenomena" This is self," "This is other"- the hindrances of mental stirring, perceiving, thinking, and fixating are dispelled, […]

Neither meditation nor anything on which to meditate can be found

Deep Immersion in Awareness states:

Resting just as it does in its own place, the nature of phenomena is similar to space. Since awareness undergoes no transition or change, there is no question of whether or not there is distraction. The immensity of sublime basic space, which does not form and then disintegrate, is not […]