The All-Creating Monarch – Natural mind

The All-Creating Monarch
0 great and courageous one, if you want to accomplish
Natural mind,
You can do it only by not wanting to,
So do not try to dwell in no conceptual evenness.
Abide naturally in the mode that has nothing to do
With acceptance or rejection.
Abide as a matter of course in the state that does not waver.
Mind is the essence of being, just as it is.
All phenomena are accomplished in suchness.
Given what simply is, do not meddle with anything.
Given the essence itself, do not try to achieve anything else.
If they were to search, even victorious ones would not find
Anything that is other than basic space.
Since it is already ensured, there is no need to try to create it now.
Since it is already accomplished, there is no need to try to achieve
It now rest non conceptually in equipoise, without thinking about anything.

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